Why my children don’t sleep in a plastic bag…


You may be thinking what a strange title, but for many babies and children this is a reality for them as they are sleeping in polyester sleeping bags each night. As I continue researching to find quality products for my baby and children’s store From Baby to Kids (www.frombabytokids.com.au) I am horrified to learn that polyester is made from coal and petroleum and is actually a plastic. Polyester is made from the same plastic that the PET bottles that hold water and other food products in.

Natural fibres like cotton and bamboo are fibres that breathe rather than synthetic fibres like polyester that hold the heat in. When a child is wearing a sleeping bag or is covered with a blanket made of polar fleece or polyester, it actually makes them overheat and sweat which is a risk for SIDS. Their little bodies then become sweaty and this then cools their body down as the moisture sits on the skin.

Babies and children who experience allergies and skin conditions like eczema can become worse when they overheat. One option to alleviate overheating and to encourage self regulation is to sleep in natural fibres like cotton and bamboo and even better when it is organic. I personally recommend and sell ErgoPouch sleeping bags and sleepsuits. They have been certified by the eczema association.

When a baby or children can self regulate their temperature, they sleep better. This is what all parents want and this is one way to help achieve it. Our sleeping bags and sleepsuits are available on our website https://frombabytokids.com.au/products-page-2/ergopouch/ or can be viewed in our store at 34 Lincoln Highway, Port Lincoln, South Australia.

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