Tiger Tribe | Gift Ideas for 1-10 years | Review

One month until Christmas and I need to get organised… I think most parents are starting to think that so I have come up with a few gift ideas that might make the buying gifts process easier. These are gifts that I stock because I have used them with my own family so I know how much fun they bring and the quality they are made of.

Gift One- Tiger Tribe Waterslide- $30


My children have loved their bath time even more lately since I set this waterslide up for them. It comes with lots of connectable pieces that are cute in colour, 2 spinning wheels and 4 little round balls. It took a little to set up and ensure the balls and water flowed, but once it was set up it was great fun. It has two sides that the kids can put the balls down so my kids race the balls to see who will win.

You can use it with just the balls or with water. It has great suction bits to stick to the wall and it would work really well in the shower too. Even my 1 year old loves to watch the balls go down. I prefer not to give him the balls as they are quite small, but he can still play with it by pouring water down. This is great for his fine motor skills.


Gift Two- Stained Glass Set- $25


This is one of my favourite colouring in set. My daughter has this set and we have had so much fun colouring in together. The textas that come with the set make the colours nice and bright on the page and then it can be stuck on the window for extra effect. The set has 36 different designs to colour in, lots of textas to choose from and it comes in a hard cover box that is easy to store and use. We leave ours in our car and use it when we are out and about like at cricket training or out for coffee. Perfect way to keep little ones entertained.



Gift Three- Magic Water Painting- $15


If you are looking for a gift for a 1 year old, then this is a fun activity they can use which is mess free. The set comes with a water container with paintbrush head and 4 different paintings. They are white to start with and then the child uses the paintbrush that is filled with water to ‘paint’. They use strokes to uncover the picture underneath. But best of all is that it is reusable. It soon dries and then can be used again and again. This is again one of my favourites and it is useful for long drives, out to tea or on warm days. There are 6 different designs to choose from- Things that go, A day at the Palace. Dinosaurs, Safari Adventures, Fairy Garden and Oceans.


Gift Four- Beat the Clock- $25


School holidays can be long and the kids get bored. This is when this set comes in handy. It has 36 different games and activities to do like timing how long you can keep a balloon in the air, how quickly they can get undressed, how may times they can throw a paper ball into a bin. Great things for older kids to do especially when it is too hot to go outside.

Gift Five- Magnificent World of ABC Animals- $40


This is on my gift list this year to give to my children. I am excited to play with it too. It comes with lots of letters and pictures of animals and cards with the animals name. The kids can then try to spell the word, match the animals or make new words depending on their age and literacy levels. It is a gift that will suit all 3 of my children.


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