Purebaby sleeping bags and ErgoPouch sleeping bags

Purebaby sleeping bags are one of the best sleeping bags that I have tried. When I was choosing them for my children I wanted them to be organic, durable and comfortable.  This is because they are going to spend up to 12 hours a night in them so I wanted them to be sleeping in something that was naturally made and would breathe well on warmer nights. I am also aware of the way cotton is grown commerically and it uses alot of excess water and chemicals, whereas organic cotton is grown without chemicals and is more environmentally friendly.

I also wanted a sleeping bag that had sleeves as on cold winter nights I wanted my children’s arms to stay warm and most of the other sleeping bags only had sleeveless ones. Purebaby makes both with sleeves and without. It is reassuring when I go to bed that I know that they are warm and won’t wake up with freezing arms.

One of the reasons why I sell Purebaby sleeping bags is because I  found that they were very durable and washed very well. My son had his sleeping bags for over 2 years and worn them for naps and overnight and they still look brand new and I will be able to use them with my younger child.

Purebaby sleeping bags come in a variety of sizes for summer and winter and the different TOG available are 0.5, 1.5 and 3 TOG. The design are very appealing and suit both genders. There is certainly a sleeping bag that will fit your child and for each season.

Visit www.frombabytokids.com.au for more information

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