Timber Tinkers | Easter Bunny Foot Prints


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Easter is so much fun as an adult when you can create memorable moments for your little ones. Imagine their face on Easter Sunday when they see the footprints from Easter Bunny.

These Easter Bunny Paw Print Stencils come in life size prints.  To use – simply lay the stencil flat on the ground and sprinkle your choice of powdered substance, whether it be flour or glitter to imitate magical footprints!

Stencils are made from 3mm MDF which enables the stencil to remain strong whilst using!

This set includes 1 x set of paw boots (no powdered substances).

By placing your order, you understand that colors and wood grain vary from monitor/screen to in-person. You acknowledge that handmade products may differ ever so slightly from the photos on the website.

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