Pinky McKay | Breastfeeding Boobie Biscuits | Gluten and Dairy Free |Coconut, Date and Seed


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Yes – a Gluten and Dairy free option that taste delicious – perfect for breastfeeding mothers and/or their babies that have allergies or sensitivities. Pinky McKay is a leading breastfeeding expert who has developed breastfeeding biscuits that will help mums to increase their breast milk supply.

Coconut, Date & Seed Boobie Bikkie (GF/DF) ingredients: gluten free plain flour (maize starch, tapioca starch, soy flour, rice flour), organic quinoa flakes, organic coconut oil, dried date (rice flour, vegetable oil), eggs, raw sugar, brown sugar, white sesame seed, grated & desiccated coconut, pumpkin seed kernel, sunflower seed, water, organic flaxseed meal, baking soda, salt. Halal friendly (not certified). All ingredients are Gluten & Dairy Free.

Quinoa, pumpkin seeds and flaxseed meal work together to increase the milk supply while balancing the nervous system and blood sugar levels.

Packet contains 10 large biscuits that are individually wrapped and has no preservatives so has a shelf life of 6 months from when it was made.

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