My Little Gumnut | Reusable Swim Nappy | 3-18 mths | Sandy Blaze


  • reusable swim nappy
  • adjustable buttons
  • perfect for swimming pools or at the beach
  • rinse and wear again

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My Little Gumnut have created a gorgeous swim nappy that looks cute, but is so practical. There is no need to put extra liners in. It has a inner layer of mesh in the nappy that holds any solids while allowing the water and wee to flow through.

These are suitable for use in swimming pools and ocean and fit nicely under the baby’s swimmers.



  • Medium Swimming Nappy -adjustable to fit 3-18 months

The reusable Swimming Nappies feature snaps at the front and side of the nappy for easy adjustment of size.


Caring for your Swimming Nappy

The swim nappies are machine washable. After swimming, simply rinse any solids off your Swimming Nappy and machine wash with the rest of your swimming items and line dry. Water temperature should not exceed 40 degrees Celsius. All of our products are designed not to stain (yes, even the white!), which makes water and beach playtime even more fun!

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