My Little Gumnut | Reusable Breast Pads | Spring Garden


  • comes with two breast pads
  • reusable
  • machine washable
  • soft bamboo layer with microfibre layer and waterproof layer to avoid leakages

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These reusable breast pads are perfect to wear when breastfeeding to absorb excess breastmilk. The breast pads have three layers containing soft bamboo that sits against your skin, microfibre for absorbancy and a waterproof and breathable PUL layer to avoid leakages.

The Bamboo layer is designed to draw the wetness away from your skin, keeping your skin dry. Bamboo is breathable and has antibacterial properties which help reduce the risk of infections, such as mastitis.

These breast pads are comfortable to wear and will fit perfectly into your bra. They are approx 12cm in diameter and will suit most cup sizes, as the most important thing is that they cover the nipple.

The Breast Pads are machine washable. We recommend changing your Breast Pads frequently to keep your skin dry and should be changed as soon as they are damp.

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