Connetix | Pastel Rectangle Pack | 24 Magnetic Pieces


Package Contents

  • 8 x short rectangle (2 standard Connetix squares long)
  • 8 x medium rectangle (3 standard Connetix squares long)
  • 8 x long rectangle (4 standard Connetix squares long)

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Connetix have created a Pastel Rectangle pack that contains 24 pieces that consist of 2, 3 or 4 tiles. This pack encourages children to explore STEAM learning while they build and explore, bringing big ideas to life and extending their imagination.

The tiles are two, three or four standard Connetix squares connected together and this pack will give the builds extra stability and structure so you can create bigger and more complex designs. The strong rectangles are also perfect for supporting bigger builds such as large rockets, magnificent castles, and TALLER, more complex ball run creations!

As a high-quality, open-ended quality toy, Connetix will grow WITH children as they learn, and their play becomes more complex. Complement your pack with our 106 Piece Pastel Ball Run Pack or discover more magnetic tile shapes with our 48 Piece Pastel Shape Expansion Pack

Enter a world of creativity and construction with our 24 Piece Pastel Rectangle Pack!

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