Brolly Sheets | Car Seat Protector | Pink


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Brolly sheets have developed a waterproof car seat protector that is available in black or grey. It fits most car seats, booster seats, high chair and prams. Made with 100% cotton top so it is soft and cosy to sit on, but still waterproof so won’t leak everywhere.

The car seat protector can be used when starting toilet training, but also useful when you have been at the beach or pool as children can sit in their bathers or if they are eating food in the car or pram. So easy to use- simply put the protector on top of the car seat and thread the buckle through the gap.

Plus Mums to be can also use it in bed or the car (in case your waters break).

Measures 32cm x 36cm

Check with your car seat manufacturer guidelines before installing this protector.

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