Brolly Sheet | Bedwetting | Waterproof Sheet | Single | Blue


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Brolly Sheets are simple & easy to use ….

Just place your Brolly Sheet on top of the fitted sheet and tuck the wings in under the mattress. This provides an excellent layer of protection to keep the bottom sheet, mattress pad & mattress dry. Please wash prior to use as this will soften the fabric and increase the absorbency! Then when wet, it takes only seconds to replace with another.   No more stripping the whole bed!

Brolly sheets can also be used for nappy free time, when you are breastfeeding and burping baby and also when you are pregnant as a pre-caution in case your waters break!

The sheets are waterproof and absorbent holding up to 2 litres of liquid over an 8 hour period. Single brolly sheets measures 95cm x 95cm and the side flaps are 45cm long.

It’s a good idea to have two – one on the bed and one in the wash – so you’re never caught out. What’s more, they’re a cinch to wash: simply throw in the machine and then in the dryer or on the line.


  • Ultimate comfort – 100% cotton topped
  • Breathable and quiet waterproof backing
  • Quick to change with the innovative tuck in wings
  • Minimises sleep disruption for carers and users
  • Machine washable

How they work
Just place on top of the bottom sheet and tuck the wings in under the mattress. The adult or child sleeps on the unique 100% cotton, comfy top. The absorbent middle layer and waterproof, yet breathable, backing keeps the bottom sheet & mattress dry. Please wash separately prior to use as this will soften the fabric and aid absorbency.

Recommended by Health Care Professionals
Brolly Sheets has been working with professional organisations for years to assist in providing solutions for bed wetting for children and incontinence for adults.

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