Kiddi Kutter Review


Kiddi Kutter Review- By Stephanie, mum to 3 children


We were recently given the Kiddi Kutter knife to try out with our three children aged 6, 5 and 2.  I have previously shielded away from letting my kids do any independent cutting with sharp knives for fear of an accident if they slipped or my attention was diverted when I supervised them.  I was thrilled to be able to give them something to use that was going to be safe and foster their sense of autonomy at the same time.

The Kiddi Kutter is a sturdy knife with a rubberised grip handle and a serrated metal blade.  It is child size and a comfortable fit in their small hands.  The cutting action is more like sawing than chopping but the blade is capable of getting through even the hardest foods like carrots, although I found it was more suited to softer foods like cold meats and cheese.  My daughter who is 2 got the most enjoyment out of using the Kiddi Kutter and she is delighted to help out with lunch and dinner preparation in a more hands on way than she was ever able to do previously.

I also think that now that my older 2 sons have had some experience cutting foods independently with the Kiddi Kutter, that they are ready to move onto a sharper knife with less risk of accident and injury .  I think this is because they are  more practiced at how foods respond to pressure and they have more idea just how much force they have to use for different foods.

Overall I am very impressed with this knife and would recommend it to other parents who want to get their children involved in the kitchen and give them some freedom at the same time.

Kiddi Kutter review by a mum of 3 kids. These knives are great for young children to practise cutting their food with and can allow them to help out with the cooking. Priced at $14.95 and available on the website


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