Itzy Ritzy capsule covers are the reason I started my business


Itzy Ritzy capsule covers are the reason I started my business and why it has grown from one product to stocking over 100 products. When my youngest child was born, I decided I needed to use a baby capsule and a close friend gave me a Itzy Ritzy capsule cover as a present. It was one of the best presents I had received and used it daily with the capsule, but also on my pusher.

Everytime I would go out with the capsule cover I would get asked by friends and strangers where I got this cover from and how they wished they had one when they had their babies. It got me thinking that more people would like to use this, but found it wasn’t sold by many stores.

I approached Itzy Ritzy who told me I needed to have a website to sell the capsule covers. I was hoping to sell via Facebook, but was told this wasn’t possible. I was faced with the decision to decide how passionate I was about this product and whether I would start a website or walk away.

I am not one to give up so I sort advice on the best website designer and it grew from there. I initially was just going to stock Itzy Ritzy products, but realised that other people may want to buy similar things to what I am interested in and value.

I have set my website up with a strong belief to only stock brands that I can personally recommend and that I have tried with myself and my family. I am also very passionate about organic products and finding natural products for my family.

The brands that I stock are Itzy Ritzy, Purebaby, Lil Fraser Wrap, Miessence Organic products, Sleepy Wings, H2Onya drink bottles, Kaper Kidz non-toxic wooden toys, Natural Rubber teethers and dummies, Lillybit nappy clutch and Wotnot baby wipes and sunscreen.

I am always looking for new products to trial and as my children grow I am needing to get new things that suit their age and ability. Please keep an eye on this website as it continues to grow and improve.

Thank you for your support. You can order your Itzy Ritzy capsule covers here

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