Itzy Ritzy Capsule Cover Review

Customer review on a Itzy Ritzy Capsule Cover- By Sarah, mum to two children
After having my first child i noticed a couple of mums in our baby group that had the itzy ritzy capsule covers.
I was lucky enough to recieve one when i had my second child a baby girl.
The itzy ritzy capsule cover come in modern, funky designs with vibrant colours and styles.
Whilst some mother’s battle with pegging on a muslin or jersey wrap over the capsule, these covers are still breathable and have a peeping hole so you can still see your baby.
It is made of fantastic quality fabric with great stretch over any shape or sized capsule. It is machine washable too.
I’ve had many compliments about the cover, and any mums to-be or new mums i have highly recommended them too.
They allow baby to have privacy from complete strangers whilst they are sleeping, it has fantastic coverage from wind, rain and sunshine protecting their delicate skin and eyes.
It is also great when your out and about in public places where you are in contact with many people such as airports, public transport and supermarkets that the baby has more protection against many unwanted germs, bacteria and colds that another person might be carrying.
Once again i just love the itzy ritzy cover and highly recommend to anybody who would like to purchase as a gift for a baby shower, or once the newborn baby has arrived! It’s a godsend for mother’s and baby!
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