Gift Ideas for 3-10 year olds

As children get older it can get difficult to decide what to buy them especially as many children want electronic games or screen devices. But there are so many options that are screen free and I have done the hard work for you.

Practical gifts like hats, sunglasses, lunch boxes, drink bottles, activity sets and items that can be used outside are often winners as they will last for years, won’t be another toy that gets tossed to the side and the quality product that you purchase from my store will last for ages.

Gift Idea 1- Babiator Sunglasses- $34.95

These come in sizes 0-2 years and 3-5 years and come with a 1 year replacement warranty. If you LOSE it or break it then they replace for free (just pay postage). What an amazing deal as so many kids throw them out of prams or twist them. We have two designs to choose from- Navigators and Aviators and they come in Black, Pink and Blue.


Gift Idea 2- Yumbox lunchbox- from $26.95

The Yumbox lunch boxes comes in a variety of sizes ranging from the mini snack (perfect for 1-3 year olds and then can be used for food for recess), then the Original (6 sections) Panino (4 sections) and then the Tapas (which is a great lunch box for adults or older children).

Each season they release new colours and designs and I am loving the colours we have in stock at the moment. They are easy for young children to open by themselves at childcare, kindy or school. They are LEAKPROOF so you can put in fruit or yoghurt and it won’t leak in the bag or on to other food. Easy to clean too as the tray comes out.


Gift Idea 3- Bedhead Hats- from $30.95

My kids use these hats and they actually outgrow them before they get wrecked. They last so long and don’t faded or go out of shape. They have hats for every day use plus some swimming hats. We have hats in size 3 months up to 13 years! I have customers comment each year about the quality of the hats and how soft they are to wear. Plus the chin strap is handy to keep hats on.

Gift Idea Four- RePlay items from $3.00

RePlay have created strong, reusable food products that are made from recycled milk bottles so they actually help the environment. We have the gorgeous plates, trays, flat plates, bowls, tumblers (cups), sippy cups and utensils in stock. They come in a rainbow of colours and make great birthday or Christmas gifts. You can choose individual colours or make a set with the plate, cup, bowl and utensils. Perfect for babies who like to throw their plates… and for going out and about to dinner or to the beach or park.

Gift Idea Five- No Nasties Play Make Up and Nail Polish from $12.95

No Nasties Make Up was developed by an Australian mum who was trying to look for natural make up for her daughter and couldn’t find any safe options so she decided to start making some and the business grew from there. The make up kits come with lip balm,  2eye shadows, blush, sponge and some brushes to help apply. There is also natural nail polish in pink or purple. I have used this with myself and daughter and it is great. The nail polish lasts for quite a while and then it can be peeled off.

Gift Idea Six- BBox Insulated Drink Bottles- $29.95

Bbox make gorgeous sippy cups for younger children, but when they outgrow them parents aren’t sure what bottle would suit next. I love the insulated drink bottle from Bbox and my son has been using it since he was 12 months old. Easy to use- push the button and the lid comes up, nice size straw to drink from, handle which makes carrying easy for little fingers and plastic base so when it is thrown it doesn’t break or make a loud noise. They also have replacement straws to purchase from our website if the straw gets dirty or broken. It can hold warm liquid and also helps to keep liquid cold during the warmer months. Available in 4 colours.


Gift Idea Seven- Kiddi Kutter Knives- $14.95


Do you have a little one that wants to help in the kitchen, but are too young for a sharp knife. Then this is the best invention for little hands. It is a knife that can cut fruit and vegetables, but won’t cut little fingers. The child can run their finger over the knife and the end and it isn’t sharp due to the way the knife is shaped. For tougher foods like carrots, then a sawing action is used to cut. My kids have had these since about 2.5 years old and they have loved being able to help and now they use them to cut their own food at tea time. Available in a range of colours.

Gift Idea Eight- Tiger Tribe- WaterSlide and Water Works- $30 each

Bath toys are a great way to keep kids entertained and these two sets are lots of fun. The waterslide can be used in a bath or shower by sticking the parts to the tiles. It can be used with water and the balls or just water. My kids have had so much fun with this bath toy and like to race each other with the balls to see who can get down first. My 1 year old loves it too, but I just let him pour water from a bottle down rather than use the balls as they are small. The waterworks is a fun toy for kids to practise turning valves on and off. Fill the top of the bottle head up and then the water goes through different pipes and comes out in the sprinkler section or at the base.

Gift Idea Nine- Tiger Tribe- Activity Sets from $20

These activity sets are amazing to use when  you are out and about in a cafe, car, plane or even just at home on a warm day. They come with all the textas, pencils, paper, stickers etc to entertain for hours. One of my favourites is the Stain glass set that has 36 designs to colour in and comes with lots of textas to use. They look fantastic when you stick them on the window. My daughter and I have had a great time colouring them in. Another set that is great is the Beat the Clock set. It has over 30 different activities to do and comes with a stopwatch so you can time yourself doing the activites. Great to use over the long school holidays when the kids are getting bored. The Outdoor Nature set looks great and is one that I will be giving my kids this Christmas. It has ideas to get them out in nature and doing things like naughts and crosses using rocks and leaves or mapping the trail of an ant.  Plus there are lots of colouring in sets that stickers, textas and colouring in paper that comes in a hard cover set so it is easy to travel with. I leave a few sets in the car when we are travelling and then can get them out when we go for coffee etc.

Gift Idea Ten- Fashion Designer Pencil Case and Handbag from $20

Kids will love colouring in their own pictures that are supplied with the pencil case and handbag and then can get an adult to iron on the pictures. The sets come with instuctions on how to iron them on and the kids can choose what colours and where to place them. Then when they go out they will have a place to store their items in the handbag or their pencils and textas in their pencil case. Great gift idea.



Thank you for reading our gift guide. We would love your support in sharing this guide and even better if you can purchase from our small business. We love providing quality items in our store and love to review them so you can get a better understanding on how they work. Feel free to message us with any other questions.

Sara xxx

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