Christmas Presents for Newborn-12 months

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It is your baby’s first Christmas and you are so excited to celebrate it with them, but you don’t know what to get them. At this age, they often don’t need much, but at the same time they keep growing so you are always buying clothes, nappies and then trying them with new foods. I found with my own kids at this age that they loved the boxes and the wrapping paper and watching the Christmas lights on the Christmas tree.

Here are some ideas on what to get a newborn – 12 month old baby for Christmas. They may not use it right now, but it will come in handy in a few months when they reach the next developmental stage.

1. Wrapping paper

2. Boxes- big, small, colourful, cardboard. They will love them.

3. Musical instruments- We stock two types of maracas that little hands can hold on to and they come in a variety of designs. and

4. Babies and little children love to hold on to things and move things around. These little rocking bead animals can rock when you push it and the beads can be moved around which helps to build on their fine motor skills.

5. Pram liners are a nice way to brighten up a pram and also help protect it. Bambella Designs pram liners come with a built in waterproof layer and handle straps are included for free.

6. Sleeping bags- Often babies start transitioning from swaddling to a sleeping bag after 3-5 months. Sleeping bags are a great present to give as they will use it every day and every night. Organic cotton ones breathe better than the polyester ones and we stock two options- Purebaby and ErgoPouch.

7. Playmat / Cot quilt- Buster Boo have handmade these beautiful cot quilts that are made with the softest cotton. They are reversible and machine washable. Check out their range at

8.  Teether are a nice soft option for babies who are getting their teeth. Some teether contain nasty chemicals in their plastic like BPA which is why I have chosen a natural product made out of rubber called Natural Rubber.

9. Stainless drink bottle- When a baby gets to about 6 months, they are encouraged to drink water and choosing a stainless steel bottle is a better alternative than a plastic bottle. H2o onya bottles are made tough and can withstand a lot of throwing on to the floor etc. They come with a sippy lid which can also be changed to a teat using the avent lids.

10. Finally a baby needs love for Christmas and lots of cuddles. Christmas is often a time when families get to spend extra time with each other so enjoy it because time really does go quick and it will be another Christmas soon enough.

Merry Christmas and I hope you find these ideas useful.


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