Capsule Cover review | Itzy Ritzy Peek a boo capsule cover

Product Review – August 2013

Date of review: 20th August 2013

Product reviewed: Itzy Ritzy Capsule Cover

Name of advertiser: From Baby to Kids


The capsule cover arrived quickly in a parcel post bag. It had its own packaging within the parcel which can be used to store and keep the cover clean.


The labelling is very clear. It has the washing instructions both symbolised and written and explains simply how to put the cover over the capsule.

Suitable for:

The capsule cover is suitable for use over most standard capsules. The colours are nice and bright and I think suitable for use with both boys and girls. From Baby to Kids also have several more designs to choose from.

Quality of materials:

The capsule covers are made from 100% cotton and are of a very nice quality.

Value for money:

The RRP of $44.95 for the capsule cover is very good value for money. I have not been able to find any other specific capsule covers that are similar to this. It is nice and bright and will definitely be used for my daughter.

Would you recommend this product and business to others?

I would definitely recommend this product to family and friends. It is bright and colourful and is much easier than throwing a blanket over the top of the capsule and trying to secure it with pegs on a windy day. The peek-a-boo pocket makes it very easy to check on bubs without having to disturb their sleep.


The cover fit perfectly over my capsule but it also fit over our pram with the carry hole to the front. It means when my daughter drops her dummy I can simply reach in to retrieve it instead of having to lift the shade cover and then re-adjust it. We did get caught in the rain but the colours did not run and when it was washed, it maintained its shape and colour. I have received many comments from my mothers group who have also thought it is a great idea!

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